Novatlan Sound Services

I offer a wide range of services spanning all aspects of sound for media.
Whatever your project will be, close collaboration with you will ensure that your creative vision is fulfilled. Communication is essential to a good working relationship, which in turn has a tremendous influence on the final result: You can literally feel how well the creative team of a production got along!

From the first day until the public sees your work for the first time, together we will make sure to bring your project to new heights. Because I believe in creative input, stunningly realistical mockups of the music you can listen to will give you plenty of opportunities for feedback and for shaping everything the way you want it. When composing is finished, the score is recorded and finalised, producing written scores for any live recording that may occur.

The final result will be delivered to you as stems or final mix ready for post-production. You can also use the services of the in-house ProTools rig for final editing.

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• Film

Whether you are shooting an action-packed SciFi film, or need to set your valiant hero in the right light in a Romantic Comedy, you will surely want a score for your film that captivates the audience, enhances the filmic experience and clearly makes your work stand out.

Soaring strings, bumpy brass and powerful percussion that bring you and your audience to long forgotten battles in times long gone by.

I will do every aspect of music and sound design in film, such as:
• Full orchestral or hybrid printed scores for live recording
• Full orchestral mockups or final renditions for projects on a budget
• Hybrid scores from - possibly live-recorded - orchestral parts and electronic elements
• Live soloists, both instrumental and vocal, to make your score truly unique
• Songs from provided lyrics or from scratch
• and much more, just ask us!

I will work from instructions, either in writing or in person or from temp tracks.

• TV

Television music is one of the most interesting and artistically rewarding aspects of media music.
Wether you need a title theme, incidental music or complete episodic scores, you can be sure to get exactly the music you imagined it to be.

With Novatlan Sound, you get:
• Title Themes perfectly tailored to your wishes
• Fast episode turn-around thanks to our customized session templates
• Jingles for television programmes
• Orchestral, Electronic or Hybrid - you name it

We will fully collaborate with directors on all aspects to realise the vision the best way possible.

• Game

Music for video games has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last years. By now, players expect truly cinematic game scores that leave nothing to be desired.
Novatlan Sound sets out to help you get the sound for your game you need.
Video game music needs to be highly flexible and adapt to the action on screen seamlessly. Transitions between cues give the impression of one single continuous piece from start to finish.

What I will do for you:
• Full orchestral scores, with or without live recordings
• Very realistic orchestral sample work
• Ambient sound design
• Scoring cinematics
• Complete sonic world of the game

I will work to brief or with alpha/beta versions. For testing, I have a dedicated system with access to the studio, allowing me to score directly to the game.

• Orchestration and Arrangement

The process of orchestration is an important step in the production of any score.
But in the context of arrangement, it also has its place in popular music. With more and more artists doing crossover productions and requiring well-crafted scores to be recorded by a live orchestra, arrangement and orchestration have become more important in all fields of the business.

Fields include:
• Orchestration from sketches or piano reductions
• Arrangement, either from sheet music, sketches or from recordings
• Proofreading, correction and layouting of printed parts for recording

Just send me a message!

• Trailer

What should a trailer do? Right! Grab the attention of the audience and don't let them go until you made sure they will watch your film or buy the game!

And that is exactly where I can help you. For trailers, either for motion picture or for video games, I offer the following services:
• Stunningly realistic mockups
• Hybrid trailer scores from live recording and pre-produced elements
• High production quality

I have very fast turn-around times, so if time gets precious, you can rely on a highly satisfying underscore in time.
Specifically for trailers, I have the in-house Novatlan Sound Production Music Library with lots of tracks you can license for your trailers. Just contact me for details.

I will write to instructions or directly to the picture.

• Theatre

Music for stage productions is a highly fascinating area of work. The stage opens unique possibilities for immersing the spectator into the world of the action.
You may need incidental music between acts or music to give your crew time for redecorating the stage. Then there are songs, or whole musicals. Whatever you have in mind, I am sure I can fulfill your vision.

What I can do:
• Complete printed scores for live stage orchestra
• Full or half-playback to augment your live players
• Playbacks with stunningly realistic samples that adapt to your performance - LIVE!
• Incidental Music, Vamps...

Make sure to ask for LIVE full orchestra playbacks that adapt to the performance, including vamps, repetitions and - heavens forbid - even allow you to on the fly jump around the score seamlessly!

I have great working relationships with people from the theatre world to give me an insight into stage directions. I will score to instructions or even from the script.

• Creating Recordings

Making a written Score - or sometimes even a sequenced MIDI demo - sound really great is a hard thing to do. It requires both a substantial amount of equipment as well as lots of experience in working with samples and how to make them work with live instruments. Clever programming and careful choice of libraries perfectly suited to the specific piece can make the listener forget that what is coming out of the speakers are not (or not solely) live instruments.

If you have a piece you want to create a professional rendition of:
• Creating a professional recording from a written score or MIDI file
• Wide range of sample libraries perfectly suited to each style
• Real instruments can be used
• Large portfolio of live players for playing in parts

• Sound Design

Depending on the genre of your production and the artistic framework you have in mind, music and sound design often mix with one another and become hard to separate.
I think this is a good think! Thinking of the audio track of a project as a canvas that can be painted on with music, sound effects and so on brings fresh ideas and helps keep an open mind.

If you need a thoroughly crafted sound design for your project, look no further:
• Cinematic textures which are highly adaptable
• Custom-recorded sound effects
• Foley work
• Final mix in Pro Tools

I offer turnkey solutions for the audio track of your media projects. Personal contact here is very important, so I always maintain a close and fruitful relationship with directors and producers.

• Printed Scores

Using Sibelius 7 and Notion 3, I offer a wide range of services within the realm of printed music.
Whether you want to commission a concert work or need a piece for solo Alphorn orchestrated for 80-piece symphonic wind band, I will rise to the occasion.

My services include:
• Concert works in every style
• Transcriptions
• Orchestration
• Score layout
• Engraving for printing
• Preparing parts for recording and/or performance

I also create LIVE playbacks from orchestral scores that within Notion 3 react to your performance allowing you to supplement an ensemble with playback adapting live! No more need for stiff and mechanical playing to a pre-recorded playback. Within Notion, all sample libraries can be used live with scores prepared for live performances.

No matter what you need in the field of notated music, contact me and I will surely be able to accommodate you.

• Studio Computer/Template Setup

VE Pro
Soon after starting to work on setting up my own composing rig, more and more I realized that I really enjoy getting stuff to work. The release of Vienna Ensemble Pro and my subsequently released tutorial about setting up orchestral templates led to an ever growing number of composers asking for support. I gladly help where I can, so here I present, where you will not only find the aforementioned tutorial, but also information about my setup business.

If you want to set up a versatile template for composing your music, look no further:
• Custom templates, planned together with you and tailored to your needs
• Any size from "in the box" to huge server farms
• Outboard mixing, virtual routing
• planning and building the necessary hardware

No matter the purpose or scope of your template - with VE Pro and my help your productivity will soar into the skies. This is not marketing speak, just ask the legions of happy VE Pro users as well as my clients!

Head over to to learn more!

• Other

The areas listed here are just parts of what I do. Other areas I can be of service include:
• Corporate Video
• Concert Works
• Audio for web projects
• Score Layout
• Sheet Music Engraving

The world of media music is broad and varied. If you need anything not referred to here, do not hesitate to contact me!
If you would like me to realise your musical vision for your project, contact me with your questions and inquiries! For legal reasons, references files and endorsements available on request only.

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