Quantizing audio in Logic Pro 9 with Flex Time

Most of the MIDI-centered composers I know (including me) tend to mostly ignore any audio-related new features in software because we generally do not need them. Recently I needed, or rather had the joy to, record some live percussion. Most of the time everything was dang on, but sometimes it just didn’t groove!
I then remembered the new Flex Time in Logic 9 and liked the results so much I wanted to tell you :)

Flex Time in Logic Pro 9

If you set the Flex Mode on an audio track, Logic will analyze the material depending on the mode you are in. For percussion, „Rhythmic“ is the correct mode. You can then move single notes/hits around just like you can do with MIDI data in the Piano Roll. Very, very useful and the results are great.
Maybe that’s old news for you, but I was pleasantly surprosed and secretly vowed to from now on make sure I try out ALL new features on software.

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