Major is not the only mode

This one is for my music students, who constantly surprise me by only using Major chords :)

It is quite funny to see how lots of people seem to forget there are other modes, too. Use them! Take minor, for example: Even if your piece is not set in minor, you can and should nevertheless use minor chords in it. The minor parallel of a chord can easily be used as a replacement. If you want to use F Major, but do not want to stress this resolution to the tonic so much, use the parallel minor chord of d minor instead! You can also use minor chords for starting modulations into other keys. Also, keep in mind that minor chords sound different from Major chords, but not necessarily "sad". This is what they told you in elementary school, because it simplifies things nicely. Trust your ear!

Not to mention the existence of church modes... these are a totally different world and incredibly useful and will be the topic of a later tip.