Of getting new toys and preserving the magic

I recently read an interview with composer and SCOREcastOnline founder Deane Odgen, where he said something very important to me: „You aren’t in the music business, you’re in the magic business.“. He says that this is what he tells his students in lectures. Besides the fact that I would wish for more teachers like him, I have the impression that some of us (us meaning creative people, or rather people in the ceative industry, since sometimes we are not creative at all) have either never heard or this or have forgotten a long time ago. Sadly, I am not speaking of people who have been in the trade for a long time, but mostly of music students and other young people I see daily. Reading Odgen’s interview made me think long and hard, which is why I write this post - something personal this time :)

New Server - Everything should work again :)

The site has now migrated to the new server, so everything should work fine again.

Please note that this site can also be accessed at www.tobias-escher.com from now on. I was told that novatlan-sound.de was slightly hard to remember. I totally do not understand this. It is such an easy name :)
Emails should work again, too. If I owe anyone an email and haven’t responded yet, give me a gentle bump.

Big site update - Tutorials and Lessons page

Right on the heels of the last one, here’s another site update.
Updated layout of most pages, revised texts everywhere aaaaand - finally - a tutorials page! Here you can find the Vienna Ensemble Pro tutorial, as well as all the tutorials for macProVideo.com and more.
If you are interested in composition, orchestration or arrangement lessons, there is a new section on this page for you, too. The same applies for help with setting up studio gear, I’ve developed quite a Mother Theresa-syndrome over the last year in this respect :)
Hope you like it and take care!

Site update - Sibelius Page

Here’s a long overdue site update.
I updated the services page, there are a few new tracks on the music page and little bits here and there over the whole site.
It should also display better now on portable devices. Call it spring-cleaning if you like.

I was pretty happy on how my Sibelius seminar end of January went. I think everyone benefited from it, I learned a lot in the process, too. I’ve updated the site about the Seminar a bit and will announce any new seminars there, so check back from time to time! If you subscribe to updates, either via the blog RSS feed or use the contact form on the Sibelius site, you’ll be notified of any seminars immediately.

Hope you like the changes and have a nice spring!