CD Tip: Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto

If you are a fan of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, this might be something for you: Acousence Records has just released a recording of exactly this piece, along with the Tallis Fantasia by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

The performance by the Duisburg Philharmonics under the baton of Jonathan Darlington is absolutely superb. For me, violinist Susanna Yoko Henkel’s thrilling interpretation of the Concerto came as a surprise: Countering the all-to-present trend of burying the orchestra under a shiny soloist, Henkel delivers a technically superb performance that bristles with joy, but at the same time allows the orchestra to maintain a firm presence.
The one reason above all why I simply love this recording is its technical aspect: There is much dynamic on the CD, once again countering the current trend of compressing everything to mud. You can literally see the orchestra when listening with eyes closed. The recording nicely adds to Henkel’s interpretation of the Concerto by having the orchestra always very present, yet never burying the stunning violin work of the soloist.

Have a look at the album on the Acousence website. Make sure you read the explanation of what the different formats actually do! Acousence have a very though-out approach to recording which combines the best of both analogue and digital recording technology. They offer high-quality FLAC downloads, so that may just be what you want :)

Full disclaimer: I work for Acousence Records as a translator. Nevertheless, I am paid for translating, not for advertising. I recommend to get this CD simply because I like it and don’t get any revenue from any purchases.