Unknown Horizons - New track

A new track for you to listen to:
As previously announced on Twitter, there’s a new track for Unknown Horizons, which is to come out in a new version shortly.
This is a nice opportunity to try out the Soundcloud player. So without further ado...


Site update

novatlan-sound.de grows and grows.

After including social media in the last few weeks, now the redesigned Studio section is online along with a brand-new Services page. There you can have a look at the services offered by Novatlan Sound and see what we can do for you.
All the other pages have been expanded, too, including a far more powerful contact form.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.



Some of our tracks now are also on Soundcloud.
We plan to post tracks from from time to time there, starting today with a new gameplay track for Unknown Horizons, a new version of which is nearing release.
All new uploads will also be announced on our Twitter feed, so make sure you keep an eye on it :)


Prenuptial Hostilities - get the sheet music!

Today I’ve got something special for you:

Last year after lots of very classically oriented scores, I wanted to do something different. As a passionate western rider, doing something along these lines seemed logical, but for which instrument? As it happens, I’m also an organist, so that’s what it was to be!
A western score for concert organ :)

The piece that came from this was „Prenuptial Hostilities“.
Just imagine a western movie, but without the actual movie.

Because I am so very generous and because the piece is just so much fun to play (and serves for great expressions by people attending any performance), I chose to put the PDF online here. Just click HERE or on the image on the left to download the PDF.
If you perform the work, drop me a line! Have fun playing :)

NI Paranormal Spectrums... way too much fun

I recently bought „Paranormal Spectrums“ by Native Instruments. Its one of their many soundpacks for Kore Player and intended for „creepy music“.

While finally finding some time to browse the library, one of my favourite movies immediately came to mind: Forgotten Planet. This classic SciFi flick was the very first with a purely electronic score (credited „electronic tonalities“).
It’s just _way_ too much fun playing with this library, so this is a clear recommendation if you are looking for new sounds!

Here’s a very quick and dirty track right out of Logic: