The Facts of Life - Main Theme Evolution

One of my newest tracks, a game show main theme turned out to be a nice example on how such a kind of music is created. So I thought: Why not show all people out there how it came to pass!
You will find a number of tracks, each representing a certain stage in the development. Finally, you’ll get the release version.

Unknown Horizons - New track

A new track for you to listen to:
As previously announced on Twitter, there’s a new track for Unknown Horizons, which is to come out in a new version shortly.
This is a nice opportunity to try out the Soundcloud player. So without further ado...



Some of our tracks now are also on Soundcloud.
We plan to post tracks from from time to time there, starting today with a new gameplay track for Unknown Horizons, a new version of which is nearing release.
All new uploads will also be announced on our Twitter feed, so make sure you keep an eye on it :)