Interview at Radio Rheinwelle

Radio Rheinwelle
On March 11th, 2012 I was invited to the studios of Radio Rheinwelle, a local radio station for the area I’m living at for an interview. We talked about my work as a composer and about the premiere of a Magnificat composed by me, which will take place on April 29th in Bingen (More about that very soon in another post). It was great fun and I hope the listeners found my ramblings interesting as well.

If you speak German, have a listen:

VSL Solo Strings & VI Pro articles at


Since joining the team of SCOREcastOnline a few months back, I have had the joy to work with some incredibly talented composers and developers.

With our technology team, we have begun a series of Solo String library reviews - with good reason, because quite a number of such libraries have materialized in the last months.
After a detailed look at Spitfire Solo Strings as well as LASS First Chair, I am pleased to announce the second review in this series. VSL Solo Strings is a heavyweight in the work of solo string libraries. The „oldest“ of the libraries reviewed, it has time and again proven to be a versatile tool for composers. The review tells you why and also gives you some nice audio examples.

On a related note, if you sometimes feel a bit daunted by the sheer power of the Vienna Instruments Pro sampler, SCOREcast also has an article for you that explains the interface and general concept.