Logic Pro Screensets at macProVideo.com

A new post about efficiently using screensets in Logic Pro is now online at the macProVideo.com blog.

I deal with the concept of screensets, how you create them and give some examples of screensets for different workflow situations based on my own screensets in Logic. This is part one of a two part series. If you give me nice feedback, I’ll do my best to incorporate it into the second part :)

So, head over to the macProVideo.com blog and read for yourself!

Deep Percussion Beds Quick Review

Creating percussion tracks is one of the most interesting tasks in media music. Unfortunately it also is one of the most time consuming ones. Especially when on a tight deadline, sometimes there is no other choice than to use premade loops. I try to stay clear of these whenever possible, but it isn’t always.

Most of the loop libraries on the market focus on high-energy action percussion. Up to now what was missing was a library with fairly unobtrusive background tracks that nevertheless sit well in the mix and provide a good foundation for all the different things the composer wants to throw on top.

This has changed with Cinesamples’ Deep Percussion Beds. The 9GB library features 50 different looped beds in various meters. Every bed has three variations gradually building tension as well as a code. There are two incredibly great things about the library: The different parts of a loop are mapped as stems on different keys. That means you can only have, say, the toms, but not the metal stem. This makes the library far more flexible than most of the competition. The three variations per bed add to the individual touch. The second great thing is the time stretching engine: All loops can be used with almost any tempo, fast or slow. The library automatically adjusts the loops. Even with extreme tempos, the audio quality remains stunning.
A preview patch which has the full mix versions of all 50 loops ready for auditioning makes finding the right bed very easy and convenient.

All in all, Deep Percussion Beds is the first percussion loop library I have used that I feel does not hinder creativity. It provides a firm base and saves countless hours of programming when in a hurry, but still is flexible enough as to not make us all sound the same. I can only recommend this library and hope there will be a sequel.

iTunes Tags for Sorting at macProVideo.com

There’s another post online at at macProVideo.com blog. This time it is about how to use the „tags for sorting“ in iTunes.

I discuss some ways in which you can use those tags to make finding your albums in iTunes easier and your library more efficient.
I also briefly touch up on the new iTunes 10, which was recently released.

So head to the macProVideo.com Blog and read on!

Site update

The site just got an update with a few new tracks in the music section, updated equipment on the studio page as well as some new things on the blog: Now there are permalinks (finally!), as well as tags to make it easer to find different posts.
There will be another silent update with some new equipment content later this week - I basically wanted to get the blog improvements out :)

Symphobia 2 review

When ProjectSAM announced their Symphobia library a few years back, everyone rubbed their eyes at two things: The insanely great concept of the library and the price tag attached to it. Both still stand true today - Symphobia arguably is one of the best tools out there and it still is pricey. But the price is actually very much worth it.

Now our friends in the Netherlands (sorry, inside joke) have released the successor to Symphobia, aptly titled Symphobia 2. I got it the other day and want to give you a brief review on what I think about Symphobia in general and especially the new Symphobia 2.


Blogging at macProVideo.com

I am pleased to announce that my first blog post at the macProVideo.com blog just went online.
You will learn about how to use the grouping tag in iTunes. I will continue blogging there about iTunes as well as about other applications, so make sure you drop by and leave a nice comment :)

I am pretty happy to have the chance to blog there - if you haven’t already, also check out their great video tutorials about all things mac.

CD Tip: Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto

If you are a fan of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, this might be something for you: Acousence Records has just released a recording of exactly this piece, along with the Tallis Fantasia by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

The performance by the Duisburg Philharmonics under the baton of Jonathan Darlington is absolutely superb. For me, violinist Susanna Yoko Henkel’s thrilling interpretation of the Concerto came as a surprise: Countering the all-to-present trend of burying the orchestra under a shiny soloist, Henkel delivers a technically superb performance that bristles with joy, but at the same time allows the orchestra to maintain a firm presence.
The one reason above all why I simply love this recording is its technical aspect: There is much dynamic on the CD, once again countering the current trend of compressing everything to mud. You can literally see the orchestra when listening with eyes closed. The recording nicely adds to Henkel’s interpretation of the Concerto by having the orchestra always very present, yet never burying the stunning violin work of the soloist.

Have a look at the album on the Acousence website. Make sure you read the explanation of what the different formats actually do! Acousence have a very though-out approach to recording which combines the best of both analogue and digital recording technology. They offer high-quality FLAC downloads, so that may just be what you want :)

Full disclaimer: I work for Acousence Records as a translator. Nevertheless, I am paid for translating, not for advertising. I recommend to get this CD simply because I like it and don’t get any revenue from any purchases.