Writing free rhythm in Sibelius at macProVideo.com

Sibelius 7 has been out for some time now and the one question I still get asked most when giving demos is „How can I notate free rhythm in Sibelius?“. There is even the rumour that it is not possible, which of course is not true. It is. And it is pretty easy.

My newest article at macProVideo.com will tell you how to notate free rhythm in Sibelius 7. So please go to the macProVideo.com Hub and read for yourself!


Using several notation applications for mockups at macProVideo.com

New tutorial up at macProVideo!

Quite often when time is flying, it is necessary to create audio demos from your scores very quickly. You just don’t have the time to do a proper mockup in Logic or Cubase.
I have found combining exports of several notation applications to be a good compromise between speed and quality. See for yourself at macProVideo.com!

Sibelius 6 Workshop at the PCK Mainz

You’ve heard about that strange „Sibelius“ a lot of times, but never really gotten around to check it out?
Or are you a seasoned Sibelius user, but have not (yet) upgraded to Sibelius 6?
Maybe you indeed use Sibelius 6, but have felt there was more?

Wait no longer!
On Saturday, 01/29/2011 from 4 PM, there will be a Sibelius 6 workshop at the Peter Cornelius Conservatoire Mainz, hosted by yours truly.

We will deal with a lot of topics, including:
- Introduction to Sibelius 6 / Sibelius 6 First
- Writing your own scores
- Composing with Sibelius
- Creating scores for ensembles
- Use in education
- Creation of demo recordings
There will also be time for some BYOQ (Bring Your Own Questions).

Admission is free, so please come and see for yourself. You can send me a message via the contact form if you want to attend, and I’ll make sure you have a seat :)
Please register on the Facebook event page.

If you want to know more, please visit the Sibelius Workshop page.

Sibelius workflow tips at macProVideo.com

In case you use Sibelius, there’s a new blog post of my writing up at macprovideo.com

It’s about some tips to improve your workflow in the application. I show how to quickly input notes, how to deal with voices and how to speed up inputting articulations, dynamics and so on.

Have a look at it over at the macProVideo.com blog and tell me what you think :)

Prenuptial Hostilities - get the sheet music!

Today I’ve got something special for you:

Last year after lots of very classically oriented scores, I wanted to do something different. As a passionate western rider, doing something along these lines seemed logical, but for which instrument? As it happens, I’m also an organist, so that’s what it was to be!
A western score for concert organ :)

The piece that came from this was „Prenuptial Hostilities“.
Just imagine a western movie, but without the actual movie.

Because I am so very generous and because the piece is just so much fun to play (and serves for great expressions by people attending any performance), I chose to put the PDF online here. Just click HERE or on the image on the left to download the PDF.
If you perform the work, drop me a line! Have fun playing :)

Sibelius Wiki

If you are using Sibelius for your notation work, you might be interested in our very own Unofficial Sibelius Wiki.
There you will find plenty of information, hints and tutorials to all versions of Sibelius. The Wiki is intended as a supplement of the Sibelius Reference and explains things that go beyond it.
Have a look and join our staff of editors!