Logic Pro and VE Pro Tutorial 1.3 Update

Using Vienna Ensemble Pro for setting up my composing rig has proven again and again to be one of the best decisions I ever made.
With my VE Pro Orchestral Template Tutorial, featured on the VSL website, I have had the chance to help lots of people use this software for their business. Helping people set VE Pro up and building their templates has become an important and fulfilling part of my work. With great pleasure I present version 1.3, an updated version of the tutorial.
The new version is live on the VSL website as well as on my Tutorials site.

Without all of you this tutorial would not be what it is today, so please keep the feedback coming! An extensive rewrite of the VE Pro setup process is already planned for the next version, so stay tuned!

Avid Scorch for iPad review

With great pleasure my sore eyes this morning saw the arrival of Avid Scorch for iPad on the App Store.
Avid Scorch (formerly Sibelius Scorch) originated as a web browser plugin for watching and listening to Sibelius scores and has now extended to iOS devices.
This app is a great addition to the market and a must-have for any musician and music educator.

Read on after the jump what the app can do for you.