Concert: Premiere of my Magnificat on April 29th

Vokalensemble Bingen

I am very happy to announce that a Magnificat composed by me will be premiered by the Vokalensemble Bingen, together with a brass quartet and an organist on April 29th.
My piece, which is sort of a fusion between late romantic English sacred music and harmonically free writing, will be performed alongside two works by Benjamin Britten. Great to be played alongside one of my favourite composers!

This concert is particularly exciting: Not only does it mark the Ensemble’s first concert of a contemporary work, but also this will be the very first premiere of the piece itself.
The concert will take place on April 29th, 5pm at the Basilika Bingen am Rhein. Please see the official concert flyer for more information.

So if you want to hear some great people singing and playing a (hopefully) great piece, please come and listen!

You can listen now to the recording made of the performance:


Music section reworked

If you like my music (or if you don’t, you should), you might want to stop by my redesigned Music page.
You will find a large selection of audio examples straight from my Soundcloud page, neatly organized in stylistic categories. New tracks are added regularly, so check back soon!
Also if you want to stay informed about everything important I do, including tutorials (updated VE Pro tutorial soon!) and reviews, like my Facebook page.

IAAM 1404 V2 is out!

IAAM Final

I.A.A.M. 1404 V2 has now been out in the wild for a few days to a great reception.
I’m very pleased to hear that my music is liked across the board; here’s a short comment from the official Ubisoft forums (translated by me):

„Just downloaded and started it. The intro video is just so great ... ... and the music ... ... This for me is Anno“

So if you own the game and would like to add a host of new gameplay features to it, head over to the I.A.A.M. 1404 site and download the new version!


IAAM 1404 V2 - Main Theme exclusive sneak peek

Pasted Graphic

Works on IAAM 1404 V2, a modification for the award-winning city building game ANNO 1404 / 1404 A.D. are going at high speed.

IAAM adds a huge number of great features to the core game, even letting you build all architectural styles only available to the AI in the core game. You also get additional production chains and tons of new buildings. IAAM V2 is a continuation of the very successful first version of the modification and will transform the ANNO experience, just like its predecessor (and the DEAP mod for Anno 1701, again with music by me) did.

To whet your appetite, here’s the new Main Theme for the game, composed by yours truly. I hope you like it and eases the wait for the release :)

I.A.A.M. 1404 V2 - Venedig - Main Theme by Novatlan Sound


Piano Sonata published at Loosmann Musikverlag

I am very very happy to announce that one of my works, a Piano Sonata in three movements oriented on traditional musical forms, but with a distinct modern tonal language, has been published at Loosmann Publishing as a part of their new-founded edition "Komponisten-Atelier".
This edition, the first volume of which for solo piano was just released, unites works of young composers from the composing class of Prof. Gerhard Fischer-Münster at the Peter Cornelius-Conservatoire Mainz. Having the joy to study with Fischer-Münster for several years now, I was very excited about this opportunity.
Please find more information, press releases and details after the jump!


Völsungakviða en nýja - Suite Live Recording

On 6th May, 2011 I had the joy of hearing a piece of mine performed by large symphonic orchestra as part of the 22nd Orchestral Workshop Halberstadt.
The Völsungakviða en nýja - Suite, which is based on „The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun“ by J.R.R. Tolkien, was performed by the Orchestra of the Nordharzer Städtebundtheater under the baton of MD Johannes Rieger in public concert.

It was a great experience to hear one’s own piece played by real people and reminded me that nothing can beat the real thing :) I liked the interpretation by the orchestra very much, so I am glad a recording has been made which I gladly share with you on Soundcloud.

Völsungakviða en nýja - Suite (live orchestra) by Novatlan Sound


Music page updated

I have updated the music page with a bunch of tracks from the past weeks, hope you like it :)

I am also working on a new version of my Logic Pro and VE Pro tutorial. If there’s something missing in there, this would be a good time to tell me. I will do my best to address your questions in the new version.

BWV 1057 for Brass - Deutscher Musikschulkongress

If you are a music teacher living in a German-speaking country, chances are high that you will attend the „Deutscher Musikschulkongress“ in May, which is held in Mainz, this year.

At the final concert on the 22nd May at the Congress Centrum Mainz, the chamber ensemble of the conservatoire Mainz will play J.S. Bach’s Cembalo Concerto BWV 1057 in a version for Brass. I was asked to adapt the string section to a brass quintet so suit the lineup of the ensemble. The concert is open to anybody, so if you like Bach (and lots of other great works), drop by! I am very much looking forward to the concert. You can find more information on the website of the Musikschulkongress.

Unknown Horizons - New version 2011.1

The team of Unknown Horizons have released a new version of the game with lots of new features, including new ingame music composed by me.
You can listen to the new tracks in the Soundcloud player, but they are even nicer ingame :)

To quote from the release post:
- Increment 3: Settlers with a lot of new buildings
- Mountains and tools production chain
- Fish resource
- Three new gameplay soundtracks
- New unit graphics
- New translations of interface and tutorial
- New build preview
- Tons of bug fixes, polishing and balancing

So head over to the Unknown Horizons site and download the game.

Bistumsfest Mainz 2011

If you are from the area of Mainz, you will know that Cardinal Lehmann, bishop of our diocese, is immensily popular here.

On the 22nd May, 2011, his 75th birthday will be celebrated with a big festival in and around Mainz Cathedral.
At 10am there will be service in front of the cathedral with a huge choir, the MMM (MainzerMiniMusic, about 30 young altar servers forming a band) and a symphonic wind band. The whole event will be broadcast live on public radio and TV.
This will be a big thing and if you are in the area - go there!

I am glad that I could do my part in making this big birthday possibly by adapting and creating the parts for the symphonic wind band. The arrangements are by composer Thomas Gabriel, one of the greats in the field of sacred music in our diocese.

We will hope that „our“ Cardinal will continue to serve as our Bishop for a long time to come and wish him all the best!

Of getting new toys and preserving the magic

I recently read an interview with composer and SCOREcastOnline founder Deane Odgen, where he said something very important to me: „You aren’t in the music business, you’re in the magic business.“. He says that this is what he tells his students in lectures. Besides the fact that I would wish for more teachers like him, I have the impression that some of us (us meaning creative people, or rather people in the ceative industry, since sometimes we are not creative at all) have either never heard or this or have forgotten a long time ago. Sadly, I am not speaking of people who have been in the trade for a long time, but mostly of music students and other young people I see daily. Reading Odgen’s interview made me think long and hard, which is why I write this post - something personal this time :)

Shiny new Soundcloud player in the blog

I’m busily working away like the bees on a bunch of projects, that’s why I’m so silent right now :)
In case you didn’t notice: There’s a shiny new Soundcloud player at the bottom of all pages. It gives you my most recent tracks from my Soundcloud page while you are browsing my site.

I hope to have some good news regarding the VE Pro Tutorial soon...

Updated Music site

Here’s another update to my website.
I updated the music page. Now there’s a shiny new Soundcloud player. Regularly, I post new tracks on Soundcloud, which are not (yet) on my Demo CD. So now you can listen to these directly on the site, too.
Besides, I updated the studio section, most notably the equipment list.
Have fun :)

The Facts of Life - Main Theme Evolution

One of my newest tracks, a game show main theme turned out to be a nice example on how such a kind of music is created. So I thought: Why not show all people out there how it came to pass!
You will find a number of tracks, each representing a certain stage in the development. Finally, you’ll get the release version.

Unknown Horizons - New track

A new track for you to listen to:
As previously announced on Twitter, there’s a new track for Unknown Horizons, which is to come out in a new version shortly.
This is a nice opportunity to try out the Soundcloud player. So without further ado...



Some of our tracks now are also on Soundcloud.
We plan to post tracks from from time to time there, starting today with a new gameplay track for Unknown Horizons, a new version of which is nearing release.
All new uploads will also be announced on our Twitter feed, so make sure you keep an eye on it :)


NI Paranormal Spectrums... way too much fun

I recently bought „Paranormal Spectrums“ by Native Instruments. Its one of their many soundpacks for Kore Player and intended for „creepy music“.

While finally finding some time to browse the library, one of my favourite movies immediately came to mind: Forgotten Planet. This classic SciFi flick was the very first with a purely electronic score (credited „electronic tonalities“).
It’s just _way_ too much fun playing with this library, so this is a clear recommendation if you are looking for new sounds!

Here’s a very quick and dirty track right out of Logic:


"Apokalyptische Elendstouristen" in Mainz

If you are into theatre, here’s a tip for you: The „theater denkplural“ will perform the play „Apokalyptische Elendstouristen“ at the U of Mainz next week.
The play employs lots of medial events, among them a news jingle by your humble blogger :)
So if you have time on 29.06 / 30.06 / 01.07 at 8pm in P1 at the University of Mainz, you can see and hear for yourself.
Admission is 5€/3€.

To whet your appetite, here’s the poster for the play (click for larger version):

Apokalyptische Elendstouristen

And to make you drool for anticipation, the track in question is the first track on the updated music page.


Six pieces for your listening pleasure!

It’s all about the music. So here’s music.
We have put six brand new pieces from two of our latest projects online so you can have a listen. Some of these pieces will eventually find their way onto the music page, but for now they are "blog-exclusive“.

1) Advertising:
Three tracks for a series of TV ads. First a slight Italian touch, then we’ve got a French jazz band and finally there’s a very English feel.

2) Racing Game:
Three tracks for a racing game. The tracks are loopable and will loop indefinitely until you stop the player.

We hope you enjoy these short pieces - check back for more music and tips and tricks soon!