VE Pro and Logic tutorial at the VSL website

I told you there would be exciting news on the tutorial front in early 2011: I’m happy to announce that my tutorial about Setting up an Orchestral Template with VE Pro and Logic Pro 9 is now also available on the VSL website.
VSL product manager Paul Steinbauer was so kind to put it up there for anyones benefit. I’m at work on a new update to the tutorial, so there’s a lot to come.
I will continue to host the tutorial on my site, too and provide regular updates both here and on the VSL site.

And this is just the start! There is tons of new stuff in the pipeline, so stay stuned.

Reinstalling OSX made easy at

As my post on good backups at seemed to be quite useful to a lot of people, I want on writing a sequel.
The new tutorial, which has just been published is about the day when you need to reinstall OSX and how this process can be made as painless as possible.
So have a look at it at!

Here's to 2011!

Now we have 2011.

Farewell, 2010! We had a lot of fun, now we’ll see how your successor does.
A big thanks to all of you for your support. 2010 has had some exciting projects and there’s a lot in the pipeline already for 2011, so stay tuned.
I hope all of you had no problems going over to the new year, most notably slippery surfaces due to frozen liquids on the street or alcoholic liquids in your blood circle. Or both.

Take care!