The Facts of Life - Main Theme Evolution

One of my newest tracks, a game show main theme turned out to be a nice example on how such a kind of music is created. So I thought: Why not show all people out there how it came to pass!
You will find a number of tracks, each representing a certain stage in the development. Finally, you’ll get the release version.

New design for Novatlan Sound

If you are wondering and rubbing your eyes, thinking „What the heck has happened here?!?!“, here’s the answer: has a new site design!
Now it can safely be revealed: The old design, introduced in May 2010, was only kind of a placeholder until this new site was complete.

There are tons of new things:
- At last, a nice header, it even comes with colour transitions, just to prove that we indeed have the year 2010 :)
- A new footer, where you have all the links to the social networks in one place, the two most recent posts at Twitter and a short biography.
- The home page is completely redesigned!
- I got rid of the Flash slideshow on the studio page. Flash is dying out, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the player on the music page still requires Flash, but hopefully there will be a replacement soon.
- The studio page now has more information, including comments on a few pieces of gear.
- and many, many more things...

Have a look around. I hope you like the new site!



New nice photos and other updates

After a recent screen failure and the subsequent acquisition of a new unit (i.e. I bought a new one), it was time to make new nice pictures of the studio. So have a look at them in the Studio section.
While I was at it, I also updated the gear list as there are a few new things there.

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