New design for Novatlan Sound

If you are wondering and rubbing your eyes, thinking „What the heck has happened here?!?!“, here’s the answer: has a new site design!
Now it can safely be revealed: The old design, introduced in May 2010, was only kind of a placeholder until this new site was complete.

There are tons of new things:
- At last, a nice header, it even comes with colour transitions, just to prove that we indeed have the year 2010 :)
- A new footer, where you have all the links to the social networks in one place, the two most recent posts at Twitter and a short biography.
- The home page is completely redesigned!
- I got rid of the Flash slideshow on the studio page. Flash is dying out, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the player on the music page still requires Flash, but hopefully there will be a replacement soon.
- The studio page now has more information, including comments on a few pieces of gear.
- and many, many more things...

Have a look around. I hope you like the new site!


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