Bistumsfest Mainz 2011

If you are from the area of Mainz, you will know that Cardinal Lehmann, bishop of our diocese, is immensily popular here.

On the 22nd May, 2011, his 75th birthday will be celebrated with a big festival in and around Mainz Cathedral.
At 10am there will be service in front of the cathedral with a huge choir, the MMM (MainzerMiniMusic, about 30 young altar servers forming a band) and a symphonic wind band. The whole event will be broadcast live on public radio and TV.
This will be a big thing and if you are in the area - go there!

I am glad that I could do my part in making this big birthday possibly by adapting and creating the parts for the symphonic wind band. The arrangements are by composer Thomas Gabriel, one of the greats in the field of sacred music in our diocese.

We will hope that „our“ Cardinal will continue to serve as our Bishop for a long time to come and wish him all the best!