2014 Site Update

Long time, no update. Originally scheduled for Autumn 2013, finally the new face of Novatlan Sound is online. It is true what people say - „He who is really busy shall have no time for updating his website“. I would never have imagined this taking so long :) But better late than never.
The redesigned V7 of novatlan-sound.de brings a network bar at the top with links to my other projects, as well as social media icons and lots of other goodies.
The Studio section has been completely revamped with updated equipment and library lists, etc. This was sorely needed as I switched my rig from OSX and Logic to Windows 8.1 and Cubase/Nuendo last year. A new huge orchestral template spread over three machines now ensures a great workflow - I could not be happier.

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012!

Welcome, 2012!
While we are all sorry for the loss of the old year, which we have grown to love over the course of its lifetime, we are sure you will be more than up for the task :)

So I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2012, hopefully a good one for health, success and a fair share of great people your way.
I have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline for 2012, including a bunch of Sibelius seminars, the wonderful world of SCOREcast, and many many more!

Take care!


Music page updated

I have updated the music page with a bunch of tracks from the past weeks, hope you like it :)

I am also working on a new version of my Logic Pro and VE Pro tutorial. If there’s something missing in there, this would be a good time to tell me. I will do my best to address your questions in the new version.

Big site update - Tutorials and Lessons page

Right on the heels of the last one, here’s another site update.
Updated layout of most pages, revised texts everywhere aaaaand - finally - a tutorials page! Here you can find the Vienna Ensemble Pro tutorial, as well as all the tutorials for macProVideo.com and more.
If you are interested in composition, orchestration or arrangement lessons, there is a new section on this page for you, too. The same applies for help with setting up studio gear, I’ve developed quite a Mother Theresa-syndrome over the last year in this respect :)
Hope you like it and take care!

New Server - Everything should work again :)

The site has now migrated to the new server, so everything should work fine again.

Please note that this site can also be accessed at www.tobias-escher.com from now on. I was told that novatlan-sound.de was slightly hard to remember. I totally do not understand this. It is such an easy name :)
Emails should work again, too. If I owe anyone an email and haven’t responded yet, give me a gentle bump.

Of getting new toys and preserving the magic

I recently read an interview with composer and SCOREcastOnline founder Deane Odgen, where he said something very important to me: „You aren’t in the music business, you’re in the magic business.“. He says that this is what he tells his students in lectures. Besides the fact that I would wish for more teachers like him, I have the impression that some of us (us meaning creative people, or rather people in the ceative industry, since sometimes we are not creative at all) have either never heard or this or have forgotten a long time ago. Sadly, I am not speaking of people who have been in the trade for a long time, but mostly of music students and other young people I see daily. Reading Odgen’s interview made me think long and hard, which is why I write this post - something personal this time :)

Site update - Sibelius Page

Here’s a long overdue site update.
I updated the services page, there are a few new tracks on the music page and little bits here and there over the whole site.
It should also display better now on portable devices. Call it spring-cleaning if you like.

I was pretty happy on how my Sibelius seminar end of January went. I think everyone benefited from it, I learned a lot in the process, too. I’ve updated the site about the Seminar a bit and will announce any new seminars there, so check back from time to time! If you subscribe to updates, either via the blog RSS feed or use the contact form on the Sibelius site, you’ll be notified of any seminars immediately.

Hope you like the changes and have a nice spring!

Here's to 2011!

Now we have 2011.

Farewell, 2010! We had a lot of fun, now we’ll see how your successor does.
A big thanks to all of you for your support. 2010 has had some exciting projects and there’s a lot in the pipeline already for 2011, so stay tuned.
I hope all of you had no problems going over to the new year, most notably slippery surfaces due to frozen liquids on the street or alcoholic liquids in your blood circle. Or both.

Take care!

Shiny new Soundcloud player in the blog

I’m busily working away like the bees on a bunch of projects, that’s why I’m so silent right now :)
In case you didn’t notice: There’s a shiny new Soundcloud player at the bottom of all pages. It gives you my most recent tracks from my Soundcloud page while you are browsing my site.

I hope to have some good news regarding the VE Pro Tutorial soon...

Updated Music site

Here’s another update to my website.
I updated the music page. Now there’s a shiny new Soundcloud player. Regularly, I post new tracks on Soundcloud, which are not (yet) on my Demo CD. So now you can listen to these directly on the site, too.
Besides, I updated the studio section, most notably the equipment list.
Have fun :)

Site update

The site just got an update with a few new tracks in the music section, updated equipment on the studio page as well as some new things on the blog: Now there are permalinks (finally!), as well as tags to make it easer to find different posts.
There will be another silent update with some new equipment content later this week - I basically wanted to get the blog improvements out :)

New design for Novatlan Sound

If you are wondering and rubbing your eyes, thinking „What the heck has happened here?!?!“, here’s the answer:
novatlan-sound.de has a new site design!
Now it can safely be revealed: The old design, introduced in May 2010, was only kind of a placeholder until this new site was complete.

There are tons of new things:
- At last, a nice header, it even comes with colour transitions, just to prove that we indeed have the year 2010 :)
- A new footer, where you have all the links to the social networks in one place, the two most recent posts at Twitter and a short biography.
- The home page is completely redesigned!
- I got rid of the Flash slideshow on the studio page. Flash is dying out, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the player on the music page still requires Flash, but hopefully there will be a replacement soon.
- The studio page now has more information, including comments on a few pieces of gear.
- and many, many more things...

Have a look around. I hope you like the new site!



New nice photos and other updates

After a recent screen failure and the subsequent acquisition of a new unit (i.e. I bought a new one), it was time to make new nice pictures of the studio. So have a look at them in the Studio section.
While I was at it, I also updated the gear list as there are a few new things there.

If you have not done so, please subscribe to the Twitter feed to always have the total knowledge of everything around here :)


Site update

novatlan-sound.de grows and grows.

After including social media in the last few weeks, now the redesigned Studio section is online along with a brand-new Services page. There you can have a look at the services offered by Novatlan Sound and see what we can do for you.
All the other pages have been expanded, too, including a far more powerful contact form.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.


Twitter in the sidebar

We’ve now got a shiny new twitter feed in the blog sidebar that gives you the newest tweets at a glance.
Besides, our name at twitter now is NovatlanSound, so update your bookmarks!


We are on Twitter!

Believe it or not... we have finally managed to arrive in the 21st century!
Which means, we have a Twitter account. Without further ado, here it is.


Novatlan Sound Version 5 is here!

Welcome to our new website!
We did a complete redesign and updated all content. Stay tuned for many exciting things to come...