Music page updated

I have updated the music page with a bunch of tracks from the past weeks, hope you like it :)

I am also working on a new version of my Logic Pro and VE Pro tutorial. If there’s something missing in there, this would be a good time to tell me. I will do my best to address your questions in the new version.

BWV 1057 for Brass - Deutscher Musikschulkongress

If you are a music teacher living in a German-speaking country, chances are high that you will attend the „Deutscher Musikschulkongress“ in May, which is held in Mainz, this year.

At the final concert on the 22nd May at the Congress Centrum Mainz, the chamber ensemble of the conservatoire Mainz will play J.S. Bach’s Cembalo Concerto BWV 1057 in a version for Brass. I was asked to adapt the string section to a brass quintet so suit the lineup of the ensemble. The concert is open to anybody, so if you like Bach (and lots of other great works), drop by! I am very much looking forward to the concert. You can find more information on the website of the Musikschulkongress.

Quantum Leap Spaces review

When the folks at East West first announced they were working on a Reverb Plugin, I was intrigued. You can never have too many great reverbs and from what one could gather from the announcement, this one was to be a biggie.

It indeed is. A few weeks ago I finally got my copy on Quantum Leap Spaces and have since then put it through its paces. Read after the jump what I think of it.


Unknown Horizons - New version 2011.1

The team of Unknown Horizons have released a new version of the game with lots of new features, including new ingame music composed by me.
You can listen to the new tracks in the Soundcloud player, but they are even nicer ingame :)

To quote from the release post:
- Increment 3: Settlers with a lot of new buildings
- Mountains and tools production chain
- Fish resource
- Three new gameplay soundtracks
- New unit graphics
- New translations of interface and tutorial
- New build preview
- Tons of bug fixes, polishing and balancing

So head over to the Unknown Horizons site and download the game.

Bistumsfest Mainz 2011

If you are from the area of Mainz, you will know that Cardinal Lehmann, bishop of our diocese, is immensily popular here.

On the 22nd May, 2011, his 75th birthday will be celebrated with a big festival in and around Mainz Cathedral.
At 10am there will be service in front of the cathedral with a huge choir, the MMM (MainzerMiniMusic, about 30 young altar servers forming a band) and a symphonic wind band. The whole event will be broadcast live on public radio and TV.
This will be a big thing and if you are in the area - go there!

I am glad that I could do my part in making this big birthday possibly by adapting and creating the parts for the symphonic wind band. The arrangements are by composer Thomas Gabriel, one of the greats in the field of sacred music in our diocese.

We will hope that „our“ Cardinal will continue to serve as our Bishop for a long time to come and wish him all the best!

Musikmesse 2011

I will be at Musikmesse this year at the booth of SoundFactory Tonstudio, where I have the pleasure to be working right now. I think Musikmesse is a great venue to talk to fellow artists and to find out what’s new on the table.
You can find me on the showfloor Thursday and possibly Friday, too.
See you there!