Piano Sonata published at Loosmann Musikverlag

I am very very happy to announce that one of my works, a Piano Sonata in three movements oriented on traditional musical forms, but with a distinct modern tonal language, has been published at Loosmann Publishing as a part of their new-founded edition "Komponisten-Atelier".
This edition, the first volume of which for solo piano was just released, unites works of young composers from the composing class of Prof. Gerhard Fischer-Münster at the Peter Cornelius-Conservatoire Mainz. Having the joy to study with Fischer-Münster for several years now, I was very excited about this opportunity.
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Stylistically, the pieces range from romantic and songs to atonal music - there really is something for everyone. The pieces are of moderate difficulty and are intended both as a part of a piano curriculum as well as for concert performance and work profoundly well as a coherent cycle for a recital.

Several publications have written about the new series, here are a few articles:


The whole album was premiered by the composers in concert on 16th September, 2011 at the Concert Hall of the Mainz Conservatoire. If you want to support aspiring composers and want to order the album, you can order it at any music retailer. I'll also be happy to arrange any orders for you, just send me a message!

I am really excited that this was made possible and hope you enjoy the pieces by me and my colleagues!

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