Regular Captivating Bits - Starting Soon!

For me, helping each other is an important thing. I believe in learning by doing and I think that you should never stop learning new things. I regularly help people out with quick tips which - according to them - have made their life easier. So why not share all this with you! There are lots of little tips and tricks that can make you a better composer or artist.

Soon I will start a new section on the tutorials page called „Regular Captivating Bits“, where you will find all sorts of quick tips, hints and lots of other stuff. Basically, this will be the place for everything I want to tell you which does not fit on this blog. This page will be updated quite often, with the tips coming from every aspect of music production you can imagine: composition, orchestration, arrangement, business, software tips, links to great resources and many, many more things!

Watch this space so you don’t miss it when the „Regular Captivating Bits“ go live!
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