Toy Story 3 DVD Review in Nautilus 85

If you like Pixar movies as much as I do, you have probably seen them all a thousand times and have the DVD/BluRay of Toy Story 3 in your collection. If not, you should check out my review of said DVD in the current issue 85 of German Nautilus magazine. Nautilus deals with all things fantasy and is the only monthly German fantasy magazine. I tremdously liked the fiilm. I think it is one of those rare sequels that live up to their predecessor(s). That’s why I am looking forward to Cars 2 this summer. I’m one of the few people who actually liked the first film and I have full confidence in Pixar to make a kick-ass sequel.

You can find it in every book shop, more information on the website of the publisher, Abenteuermedien.

Stay tuned for more reviews and other articles by me there :)

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